Immigration 101 South Florida Conference

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If you are new to immigration law, or looking to know more about specific practice areas, I invite you to attend Pincus Professional Education's upcoming Immigration 101 South Florida Conference in Ft. Lauderdale Oct. 18-19.
At this two-day conference, we will go into great detail about the essential areas of immigration law and practice you need to know (see list below). You will also have plenty of opportunities to network.

Agenda topics (see Pincus' website for the in-depth agenda):
• A Broad Introduction to the Law, terms and resources
• How to Set up and Manage your Practice
• Permanent (immigrant) Visas:
o Family-based
o Employment-based
• Working Visas
• Detention
• Inadmissibility and removability
• Citizenship
• Immigration Court
o Cancellation of Removal
o 212c waivers
o 237 (a)(1)(H) waivers
o Asylum classes - private v. public action
o Gang-related asylums
o Administrative closure
o Challenges to NTAs
o Motion Practice
• Waivers
• Refugee and Asylum
• Dealing with Changes in Policy and Procedures by the Administration