Children - Dependency

This training is intended to provide an overview of dependency court to attorneys who have volunteered to represent children in dependency proceedings. The training was presented for Florida's Children First by Jessica Rae, an attorney with the Community Law Program in St. Petersburg and was given to an audience of volunteer attorneys at the Tracey McPharlin project of Broward Legal Aid. The training video was broken into 7 parts for ease of viewing.

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Click here for the Case Study and supporting materials.

Part 1: Preliminary Issues in Dependency Cases. Slides 1-20. (25 min.)

Part 2: Shelter & Arraignment. Slides 22-43 (21 min.)

Part 3: Adjudication & Disposition. Slides 46-69, Case Studies: Dawn & Eddie (28 min.)

Part 4: Judicial Reviews. Slides 72-82, Case Study: Bryan. (24 min.)

Part 5: Permanency Hearings. Slides 85-97, Case Study: Abby (20 min.)

Part 6: Termination of Parental Rights. Slides 99-115, Case Study: Cassian (21 min.)

Part 7: Adoption & Questions about Meeting with Clients. Slides 117-119, 32, 33 (9 min.)

For questions, please contact Robin Rosenberg.