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Florida Lawyers Serving the Public Good

The information on this site is made available for all pro bono attorneys. Please review the site and be sure to look at the TRAINING PAGE, where you will find useful materials including webinars and CLE information.


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Hillsborough County Commission Proclaims Pro Bono Week 2011 - YouTube Link

The Top Ten Reasons To Do Pro Bono

  1. For every pro bono case I take, I undermine one more attorney joke.
  2. I can keep my paying clients while holding on to my dream of making a difference in my community.
  3. God probably won't care if I am "this close" to a billable hours bonus.
  4. My kids will think I'm cool.
  5. I don't get a pass on something this important just because I am busy.
  6. Pro bono keeps me in touch with my inner Atticus Finch
  7. Because saving a child or even a family is a life changing experience I will always remember.
  8. It recharges my batteries.
  9. Attorneys who do pro bono say it makes them better attorneys.
  10. Because I promised I would when I took the oath.


(Lawyers Assisting Successful Transition)


Free legal consultation for young adults 18-25 who spent time in foster care. It is designed to provide legal advice and ascertain unmet legal needs for this vulnerable population.

Florida's Children First provides a detailed questionnaire, instructions, training (available on the web) and attorney support.

The total time for training and performing a Legal Health Check Up will take less than 5 hours. You decide whether you will provide any additional advice or representation after the initial meeting.

Depending on the circumstances this could be a short or very long term commitment. We will confer with you about the client's known issues before asking you to accept representation.

Email or call 904 790-0436.


The resources found on are generously supported by financial consideration provided by:

And by the diligent work of the members of the Florida legal services and legal aid delivery system.

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Click on the "TRAINING" tab above and you will find training materials, webinars, and CLE information for the pro bono opportunities found on this website. In addition, you will find a calendar list of training opportunities throughout the state.

Click here for the archive and CLE posting information for the Pro Bono Handshake webinar.
CLE Information

Did you attend a training or view webinars for one of our statewide pro bono projects? If so, please visit the Training page and view the CLE sub-folder for your project. You will find the information you need there.

Florida Attorneys Saving Homes
Case Closure Forms now online! Click here to access the form.

OBAMA ADMINISTRATION HOMEOWNER AFFORDABILITY AND STABILITY PLAN: On February 18, the White House released the Fact Sheet explaining their plan to assist 7 to 9 million homeowners with their home mortgage loans. Information from the White House about the program can be found on the TRAINING page in the Florida Attorneys Saving Homes folder.

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